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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

the bachelorette--andi

Ugh. I toyed with the idea of quitting the Bachelor franchise altogether. I mean, Juan Pablo was just such a WOMP WOMP (cue: sad trombone). Maybe I am just annoyed that he pulled the wool over my eyes. Maybe it's because I realized that this show MIGHT be kinda fake. 

Wait. What?

Oh, Andi. I kinda liked you during Juan Pablo's season, but then you bugged me. But I am a fickle fan on this "reality" show. I think there was an hour of my life that I liked Jake Pavleka. So, there's that.

But, like a siren calling from treacherous rocky waters, I return to the Bachelor island. 

Ugh. Couple thoughts from last night's episode (when I wasn't sleeping; it was really late.):
  • Andi is cute. She's smart. She's even seems kind and cool with this whole "journey." Y'all.
  • Sad about Eric Hill.
  • Some guy from the limo when they see Andi waiting in front of the mansion, "That smile is devastating." Ooh, big word. So, does it cause you grief or ruin you? Stop trying to make fetch happen.
    I'm not going to remember any guy's name for a few episodes. Sorry. But the guy with the lock on the gate. That crap was funny. Did you see where they put it? On the spiral part of the fence that could slide off in five seconds.
  • "I'll see you inside" x 100.
  • Anal with an M. No words.
  • The lamp guy should have made a better joke. "You light up my life." "This bulb's for you!" "I have an idea... (turn on light)." So, I don't have a better joke, but come on, dude. That was weird and weak.
  • Beverage sales manager announces that he is going to go inside and grab a drink. Big surprise.
  • The Chris B. from a few seasons past who tries to crash the party. All I can do is laugh. Poor guy.
  • That one sad sap who said if he doesn't get chosen by Andi in this first round, "it might rank up there with one of the worst feelings in the world." You know how I love hyperbole. Because this is almost as horrible as about a MILLION actually horrible things that you could feel. Gag, sir. I call Gag.
  • Long hair, Utah-bartender's defeated faces in the rose ceremony was killing me. Oh, the pain. "One more name and it isn't MINE!"
  • Andi holds the roses a little bit like Ashley did. Like she was going to bowl it down the alley of Bachelors. Hands together, rose up, look down at the pins, and STeeeeRIKE.
  • Lawyer boy: "Everyone in my life is like, 'Oh my gosh, you guys are gonna get married and have kids.'"
  • Doctor boy: "Is there something that you could've done different?" Umm, yes. Your super awkward joke. "I'm not going back to a whole lot." Except the Urgent Care. Come on, dude.

What do you think of this season? Are you watching? Are you going to start? Do you think Andi should've let Chris come and join the other guys? (yeah, me neither)

Cheers to all of y'all.


2 wise comments:

Sue said...

Not sure why I can't get into any of the bachelor/bachelorette stuff. I'm not a snob about reality TV at all, but this one irritates the heck out of me.


Ruby Kroff said...

Believe it or not, I'm out!