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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Just so we're clear...

I overheard someone the other day talking about my blog. More specifically, they were mentioning that sometimes on my blog people don't know that I am being sarcastic. (Full disclosure: this wasn't some crazy celebrity moment where I happened to overhear a blog fan discussing my blog. Ha! No, it was between people I know, sitting at a table where I was sitting, speaking about me and my writing as though I were not five feet away. The best kind of conversations, dontcha think?)

I would say that 90% of my blog posts are tinged with sarcasm. If you ever wonder if I am being sarcastic or bratty, the answer is YES! Just consider it so. Maybe instead of using my = = key to show when I am being facetious, I will write in big bold letters:


on the occasion that I am feeling totally serious. Sure, I write about matters that are serious to me, but I still like to throw in the sarcasm here and there. Because life is not all serious. Like Hans Christian Andersen is said to have said:

"Enjoy life. There's plenty of time to be dead."

I enjoy life by making it light. I joke, I am not all serious, I am a smartA, I state the obvious and pretend like it isn't. I am sarcastic and I aint gonna change for nobody. Well, not anytime soon.

I love people, but mah goodness people can be so uptight. I love when people tell other people that they are "worried about me" as much as I hate it. Because nobody that I talk to frequently is worried about me. Even those that I talk to bi-monthly (every other month, yo) aren't worried about me. But people who read my blog? So worried. It's awesome, actually. 

Which makes me realize that the shmucks who I pretend to know because I read their writings or look at their instagrams... I may not know them. And who cares? It's fun, anyway.

I try to be completely transparent, to write my challenges and frustrations as much as I share my favorite music. But, sure what I write on this little weblog is not everything about me. I have issues, friends. I have amazing flaws. I struggle with a lot of body shaming. But I am also way cooler than you can even imagine. I am much funnier in person, if you like people who are sarcastic and don't give a crap. I also make a mean green smoothie if you ever want to stop by for a chat on why the Vitamix has changed my life.

I don't care who you are. And by that I mean, I care very much about you, and I would love to chat for hours. It won't bother me if we disagree or look totally different, unless you are totally wrong and gorgeous. I am working on myself and breaking beyond what the surface expectation is. I am trying to judge people a whole helluva lot less because I know how much I don't want people to judge me. There's this new idea called the GOLDEN RULE that I am trying to apply more in my life. It's kind of amazing.

And if you didn't sense a whole lot of sarcasm sprinkled throughout this post with my true intent at being a better person, then I don't know what else to add.


2 wise comments:

jen said...

Just a question:
Am I a schmuck?

I feel like I need to know.

Sue said...

Can't tell you how many times people on my blog have thought I was serious when i was being facetious.

It's kinda crazy, and I have taken to making disclaimers.