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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bachelorette, week 2

Ok, before I share some of my thoughts on last night's episode, it has to be said: Andi loves the cleavage dress. As do her suitors. Yowzas!

Some play-by-play thoughts I wrote down as we watched a very long episode last night:

"I may find my husband in this group of guys." Let's count how many times she says this phrase during the season.

I feel bad watching Eric. Maybe because I don't feel very nice making fun of his high voice. Because he seemed really nice and all. And he's cute. My heart breaks a little for his family.

HELICOPTER! Sheesh, Bachelor franchise. Way to start off the season right.

"Epic" is Andi's version of "amazing" 3x in Eric's date alone.

Syria. Family. Children. My goodness, this is sad and sweet.

"Bare" "are we getting naked, because I'm excited." Love me a clever pun, but I will always be reticent when an invitation with the word "bare" is used.

For my brother Spencer: Andi says "stop" a lot and doesn't mean it. So, it's cool.

Male strippers: I think some of the bachelors were enjoying that a bit. There could easily be three "contestants" that might have thought Andi was an Andrew.

Andi, don't say "tiny surprise" when talking to men who are about to strip. Just sayin!

"I want everyone to go NUTS!" Gag.

Stripping robot was funny until it was nasty.

Craig loves Josh. Obviously.

Serenading in opera. Uhhhh, no thanks.

Andi "did not expect" a bunch of guys with unlimited amounts of alcohol to get drunk and be lame. Really? Because... really?

Chris the Farmer is cute, but when will the bachelors give up that spiky hair?! Ugh!

He's so hyperbolic "Andi is the most beautiful girl on the entire planet." She is the most amazing, too. And this is before their date. which was a cute date.

You know which boys like other boys by their reactions to them getting roses.

Andi holds those roses so high, I just want her to sniff one of them.

Do any of you remember Andi saying y'all ONCE during Juan Pablo's season? I can't recall once. He loves her y'all now.



2 wise comments:

Sue said...

It says a lot for your mind and writing ability that I find your comments far more entertaining than the show itself.


Chelsea said...

I too noticed that she said "Stop!" about 100 times! And I don't remember her ever saying y'all either. The stripper date was a little odd to me. She is gorgeous.