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Monday, February 3, 2014

That's the worst

I wanted to write something today about clever Super Bowl commercials or how our Groundhog Day was so amazing that I would want to live it over and over again like Bill Murray.

But I didn't watch the Super Bowl and every commercial I have seen today that aired last night leaves me with a "meh. sure" feeling. They're not horrible. Neither was my day, but I don't think I'd live it again and again. 

Humdrum is the word coming to my mind.


Then I sat on a wet toilet seat and I thought, "Oh, this is the worst." As soon as I thought it, I also thought of things that are far worse than a toilet seat that is wet. I'm not saying that the unknown dampness is not gross. It's fairly disconcerting. Especially in a house with three little boys. Know what I'm saying?

I started thinking of all of the times we say, "Oh, that's the worst" when someone has a papercut or a cold sore (raises hand). It's the extreme hyperbole of the phrase that gets to me. It's almost as if we don't have over 42,000 adjectives in our current English language. We say that something is THE WORST, when it fact it is just the pits.

A hair in your food is the pits.
Sitting on a wet toilet is the pits.
Having your kids throw up all over your bed is the pits.

Because, let's be honest, the fact that you have any of those things makes your life far from the worst.

Am I right?


1 wise comments:

Sue said...

Yes, you are.