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Thursday, February 20, 2014

La Casa del Azúcar, upstairs bath

Our upstairs bathroom was tight and awkward. Like most 1930s bathrooms, I am sure. I knew something had to change.
not to scale, but you get the idea
The "tile" that was all over the bathroom was actually plastic. That was a shock when we started demo. Fooled everyone.
before (with some wallpaper removed)

removal of three closets
Once the walls went up, the tile was set late one night. I had a black grout for the floor and a medium gray for the white wall tile. When I came by the next day, what did I see?

before the old cast iron tub was resurfaced
Yep. The black grout was used on the white wall tile. I was miffed. The tilers offered to remove the grout and replace it with the gray, but I knew the chance of it looking sloppy was high. 

But, with time constraints and a good 30 minutes staring at it, I decided to let it stay and roll with it. 

So, now there is enough room to dance and party. Mirrors were found at an antique store that was going out of business, found a lady on Facebook who made the vanity out of reclaimed wood, sinks from, lights from another antique store, you know.

Boom! Let's all go to the bathroom!

3 wise comments:

Laraine Eddington said...

Lovely. I want to come take
A shower.

jfbast said...

love it, anna! we are in the midst of our own bathroom remodel (although ours is moving MUCH slower than yours) and had a very similar closet situation in both our bathrooms. i am planning the same subway tile with dark grout for the shower. i don't think the black grout looks bad at all. the sinks we got are similar, too, from ikea. love the floor tile.

Amanda said...

Love it all my sister!! I am truly impressed!