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Thursday, January 30, 2014


I got a root canal on Monday. Let me first say that I am grateful I can afford to have the pain and discomfort I was experiencing remedied through the root canal procedure. It wasn't my first root canal, and it was probably the least uncomfortable one I have had so far. But, ugh. Root canals!

The endodontist prescribed me a few medications to ward off pain, bacteria, and swelling. I am a total ninny when it comes to medication. I react in all of the wrong ways, I am afraid. "May cause" is my middle name. I have had UPSET stomach and headaches for days. But, I fear those are worth experiencing over the possible infection if I stop taking the prescriptions.

I also had jury duty this week. I was UPSET that I had to find somewhere for Rhett to go, plan the kids' activities after school if I didn't come back early, and that I had to go serve when the medications I was taking made me feel so ill. (waah, waah, I know.)

But, even more UPSETTING is that after spending my morning listening to others answer questions and being as open-minded and fair with all of my questions, they didn't even choose me to be a juror! I felt like a jilted bachelorette on that one show. I could've been everything they ever wanted. Not that I wanted to stay, but why didn't they want me to stay? (snif, snif, sob, hand to the camera)

I won't bore you with the details of an adorable vomiting four-year-old and a little dog who has decided to start peeing and pooing on the carpet inside the house. The four-year-old is too sweet to make me upset, and the dog is undoubtedly going through some emotional changes now that he knows he is staying with this crazy family.

I will tell you, though, that I am seriously UPSET with the Salt Lake City School District officials who took food trays from children and THREW THE FOOD AWAY. (article here) This is the most blatant mishandling of food management. I understand that kids might have had an outstanding balance on lunch $ due. But the idea that throwing their food away and then giving them fruit and milk is not only a waste of money, it is a shaming attack that, as a schoolmate's parent put it, is "like something out of a Charles Dickens' novel, and not in a good way." 

I saw some local news this morning and in their effort to be "fair and balanced" they completely underemphasized that the lunch was given to the kids, they sat down with their peers, then an adult came over and took the lunch away from them and threw it away. That'll teach these kids! To what? To mistrust adults? To be publicly shamed about money? About food? That their parents are forgetful jerks? That wasting food is completely appropriate when you want to prove a point? 

Yes, I am upset. This is the most immature handling of a minor financial matter. I do not blame our principal or the cafeteria workers, who allegedly "cried at the sight."  I have always thought that the cafeteria workers were incredibly patient and kind when I visit my kids at lunch. My kids get to buy lunch once a week, more as a treat than a necessity. I don't use the computer system for payment because we so seldom use it that the fees are not justified. I think those in the district offices need to think a little more clearly about effective ways to manage their lunch system. I am not getting paid to come up with ideas like they are, but you better believe I wouldn't consider punishing children and WASTING FOOD as the best option.

I am not upset, however, that Harry Connick, Jr is on American Idol. Longtime crush is as dreamy and clever as I always knew he would be.


4 wise comments:

Stephanie Coltrin said...

Couldn't agree with you more about the SLCSD handling of this. A district official making a point with the wrong (innocent) people, in the most ludicrous way.

Hayde Harris said...

I am upset wity the district too! Sara was so concerned (because we are those forgetful parents who happen to be current on her lunch money) but to be on the safe side took home lunch yesterday to save herself the hassle and embarrassment! Adults are such idiots sometimes!

Amanda said...

So sad all of it but sorry mostly those poor kids!!

Sue said...

No wonder you are upset! And I, too, am super angry about what the schools in SLC did. Makes me feel ashamed all the way to California!

I am loving American Idol so far this year. The judges are the best panel so far. And I like Harry, too, but I think I like Keith Urban even more. (close call, though)