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Thursday, January 23, 2014

La Casa del Azúcar, front room

The tour of La Casa del Azúcar continues with the front room--or in our home, the other side of the kitchen. We didn't do a ton to this space... well, other than new flooring, taking out the walls between the kitchen and the hall, opening it up, painting the fireplace and adding a new granite hearth, adding a new ceiling, can lighting, as well as painting and adding trim.

before with popcorn ceiling, old window coverings, and a too-thin floor

view from inside dining room

middle of the night work. At this point, I never thought I'd be living in this space.


We wanted to keep the original wood floors, but after about the fifth professional telling us that the floors were so thin from all of the previous sanding it had received, we could see that it was popping up in areas and wouldn't give us very many more years. That was an unexpected and large expense, but we love the results. If you are in the Utah area, give Ben with Art of Floors a call. He's an artist, super kind, and one of the best deals in town.
right after we got the granite hearth in--I can't remember for sure, but I think this was at Christmastime.

The granite slab on the fireplace was one of the last things that was done in our home, right before Christmas. It was like enjoying pad thai noodles and then finally squeezing that lime wedge they give you: it is 10x more delicious than before. Again, if you are in Utah, give Rod Budge a call with European Marble and Granite.

we desperately need a new family picture.

I'm sure morning sun wasn't the most ideal addition to these photos. But, I LOVE the light that streams through these windows from the kitchen and front room. Vitamin D any way I can.
Not as exciting as the kitchen, but ready for visitors. I still need to figure out the wall behind the couch, get a bigger rug, a new family photo, and a few other little things. All in good time, right?

Next week: bathroom or downstairs family room? What say you?

6 wise comments:

Laraine Eddington said...

What a beautiful home you are creating. I would love to see the
Bathroom next.

jen said...

What flooring did you use? It looks awesome, and close to what was originally there, but it's not pine, is it?

ANNAM said...

Jen: thanks. It's red oak with a natural stain. We love it!

ANNAM said...

Jen: thanks. It's red oak with a natural stain. We love it!

Amanda said...

I absolutely love it!! You saw potential in that old home you were looking to buy last summer and look at you it looks amazing!! Love the fireplace.

I say downstairs family room!

Sue said...

That room is so warm and appealing. Love it!