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Thursday, January 30, 2014

La Casa del Azúcar--basement

Because I wasted my morning writing about why I was upset, I no longer have time to write about the bathroom remodel. It needs a drawing to explain what happened, so it will be ready to go next week.

But, here is the basement of La Casa del Azúcar.

after the ceiling and carpet were removed.

When I first toured this house, the basement had no electricity because of fairly severe water damage. There was a large hole in the ceiling--which was popcorn-covered acoustic tiles. Yep, double acoustic! The carpet was once fluffy and high-piled, but now flat and more colorful than initially created. It was big, though, for Sugar House standards.

remember I said there was no electricity.
Under the carpet was some amazing vinyl tiles... which probably contained asbestos. Hooray! But probably not? Who knows. 

nope. didn't vacuum for this photo shoot. And there is Bowie's room!

We put in canned lighting, ceiling, carpet, paint and added a new door under the stairs (another post for another day). 
My camera skills are seriously lacking.

 Also, see that entertainment bookcase thingamabob? That was in the storage room in this house and used for tools. I planned on stripping and sanding it, but decided I liked all of its "charm" and history even better. Especially the little marks of spray paint. 

Yes? yes.

The carpet was bought in 30 minutes. I was running out of time and I went to the final carpet store that had the best deals. This carpet was soft and on sale. CHACHING! It was a dark gray in the store, which is just what I wanted.

They installed it a week later and it looked perilously like blue. Grayish blue, mind you, but BLUE. Oh well. Learn not to buy flooring in a hurry. Bring it to wherever it will be installed and THEN make a decision. It's still pretty great.

Want to come watch a movie and snuggle with Bowie?


3 wise comments:

Amanda said...

I LOVE this!! Cant wait to see I am coming up like May 16 for my friends Diane daughter Nicole is getting married. Maybe I can come up and stay a night with you? Pretty Please

Sue said...

I actually love a gray blue. And I think you did a great job there.


Nicole Beck said...

Simply amazing! I love that you can see things for the potential they have!