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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

El Bachelor, semana quatro


Did Cassandra learn that dance move from the NBA? I bet she did.
Only Juan Pablo made this dialogue seem adorable:
"I have a wedgie." 
"Ok, I will fix it, my love."

Guess where you are going? KOREA!
"Korea? I don't even have a kimono." Then it's a good thing you aren't going to JAPAN! 

These girls think POP on the date card means eating popcorn or bubble gum blowing. Oy, ladies, really? They think this is what they are doing in their yoga/workout clothes?

Juan Pablo says how much fun it was dancing with the KPop stars when obviously "we're not dancers" ... except one is/was a professional dancer and one has been dancing since "before she was born." Speaking of Cassandra, for someone whose title bears the name of DANCER, why did they not show her dancing at all? I fear it was not great.

Kat tries to get sad story points with her sad tale of growing up with an alcoholic father. I think I liked Juan Pablo even more when instead of saying how hard that was FOR KAT, he said how hard it must have been for her father. Exactly.

The "dog lover" is catty. Every time she talks I feel like I am drunk. I don't feel like she is drunk--with her lazy eye and lowered gaze--but I somehow am. She slays me and I was oddly relieved when she got asked to "assept this rose" for one more week.

Clare. What can you say about Clare? She is a one-trick pony with her pouting and baby talk. But, JP likes her teeth enough to break his kissing rule, so there you go. I bet she gets far, but not final three.

Good ol' SCIENCE proves things once again! When Nikki said that guys look into your eyes and girls look away when they are interested in someone, Juan Pablo wanted to know who said this was true. SCIENCE said it was! Science is always saying things, though. Proven or not, can you really trust Science when it comes to love? And Nikki?

Elise ragged on Chelsie incessantly last week and now that she is going home (with that horrible walk of shame), she says that the other girls are ugly on this inside. Ouch. Go do your thing, Elise, but keep it classy.

Things are heating up, friends. The drama doesn't seem to be all that dramatic, but OH, what is coming next week? How far does Clare push it? This could be bad for Juan Pablo.

My favorites this week are:

My guilty favorites for all the wrong reasons are:
Kelly (dog lover)
Chelsie (tragically excited)

Who are your favorites? Is it me or is Juan Pablo getting cuter every week? Aye yi yi!


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Sue said...

Don't know why this show is my worst nightmare, but it is. Can't even watch it.