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Thursday, May 3, 2012

spirit v body

In true Ahhnna fashion, I need to be dressed and ready to go (Rhett dressed as well) in about 15 minutes. Instead, I am writing this. 

When it strikes, it strikes.

I promise I will be on time to chaperone the field trip. But for right now, I am thinking about Jen's blog post

I do this weekly. Wonder who I am, what I am doing with my life. Worse, I wonder the negative sides: why am I not doing enough? why am I not braver/smarter/thinner/more spiritual?

I believe as C.S. Lewis did. "You don't have a Soul. You are a Soul. You have a body."

Except I refer to it as a Spirit. I am a spirit. Everything I do and believe contributes to this Spirit that will be what I have and take for the evers. This Spirit is Anna. It inhabits the quirkiness, the beliefs, the desires, the dreams, the knowledge, the fears, the faulty humor, the attitudes.

This Spirit that is me has a body.

When the body is good, the spirit is good. When I am healthy and active, my Spirit is less bogged down.


this body does not control my spirit. If tomorrow I were to lose a physical limb, my spirit would not. Would it frustrate my spirit? Most definitely. Would my life (and spirit) be over? Most definitely not.

Which is what I believe, really. That this world where my spirit resides is ripe with the influence of satisfying the body. What you wear, what shape and color your body is, what your hair and nails look like, what you buy, drink, eat, don't eat, don't drink; all these things are constantly held in the forefront of our thoughts and advertisements. 

Don't feel great? Go exercise! Feel like a mouse? Get your hair colored? Sad and depressed? Have a piece of cake!

My body is important. Treating it properly and taking care of it is my responsibility. 

Not obsessing over it and concentrating solely on it is my mission. Being grateful for whatever my body and self is in this precise moment of my journey is my goal.

I am a Spirit. I have a body. 

And now this spirit/body is late. But what's new? That's just who this Spirit is!


3 wise comments:

jen said...

Thanks, Anna. Glad to hear I'm not the only one suffering from a little too much (and too often) self-examination.

Sue said...

I should probably examine myself MORE often, not less. I guess everyone's rut is different, right?


Chelsea said...

Loved catching up on your blog and reading your beliefs and thoughts today!