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Friday, March 2, 2012

friday fortissimo 8

Since it appears that only Sue and Amanda listen/watch the Friday music videos, I have one for each of you.

Sue, this is Freelance Whales singing Hannah:

Amanda, this is Saint Etienne singing Tonight:

Everyone else, HA! Like there is anyone else at this point. I make myself laugh. Bwaha haha HA!

bon week-end, mes amis.


4 wise comments:

Elle Keeps Moving said...

i am anyone else! this makes me want to go clubbing with you, anna. (or it would if i knew anything about clubbing.)

Sue said...

I liked mine! It sort of reminded me of Seabear, a group I really enjoy. Kinda starry and magical.

(You picked the right one for me; I wasn't into the second one. Too tech-ed up for me.


Amanda said...

I have to agree with Sue the first one I liked the second was a little tooo I dont know tech-ed up like sue said once again.

Thinking about you!

Anna M said...

@ elle: thanks. I'm such a clubber, you should know. ;)

Sue: I need to check out Seabear now.

Amanda: it's like I don't even know you. I thought it was a little nouveaux Erasure with female singing. I'll find something better.