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Monday, February 27, 2012

pinterest... meh

I know that I've been giving pinterest lots of love and props over the least year. I am a fan, it is true.

But sometimes pinterest makes me want to pull my hair out. It can be so frustrating (for me) to look at the pins of those you follow. It's slowly killing my confidence. Those fetching pins*!

The pins of delicious-looking food, the I-must-make-this-for-my-family-type of food (and then eat most of it myself) are killing me slowly. But worse are the pins of sexy bodies and workouts that serve as fitness "pinspiration". Many times the food and fitness pins are right next to each other, making your head spin with guilt, hunger, self-loathing, craving, and false inspiration (because, let's be honest, I didn't look like those 18 year-old bodies when I was 18 years old).

The creator of Pinterest, Ben Silbermann, spoke at a conference I attended last month. It was his love of collecting things that brought about the idea and eventually the actual Pinterest. He said, "The things you collect say a lot about the kind of person you are." I wonder. I collect stars, cake plates, brass candlesticks, books, quotes, tin boxes, music, silver cuffs and turquoise jewelry. I don't want to collect more thoughts of negative self image (or MORE pounds). I love that Pinterest is inspiring and an easy way to see many ideas at one time. But, DANG! Fetching pins! 

Anyone else? Am I the only moron with the kind of self-esteem that can't look at a silly website without feeling hunger AND body depression? (Yes, I read my own "Learning to Love Yourself")

*Fetching is a word some milder Westerners use en lieu of more vulgar "F" words. 


5 wise comments:

Brit Warner said...

I hear you on this one! I am against any postings of workout motivation or bodies I want. I just post fatty food I would love to make if I didn't hate to cook so much.

seven smiles said...

I have a friend that ONLY posts fattening desserts and "perfect body" motivation pins. And she is a prolific pinner. It makes me feel kind of sad.

Having said that, I do love my food board. I love having those recipes in one place, so to speak. It's convenient.

One of my irritations on Pinterest? The majority of my friends pin things they have already pinned. I'm not talking like they pinned it six months ago and forgot, but like they pinned it a couple of days ago, or yesterday. This also makes me feel sad. (How do you use those little sarcasm puctuation thingies again?) ;)

(But seriously, I don't really get it.)

Michelle said...

I really, really love pinterest. I will admit that I am guilty of pinning fattening desserts and fitness ideas. I figure as long as I stay fit, I can eat those fattening desserts every now and then. I love baking, it's my favorite hobby, so I can't resist pinning all the delicious things I find on the blogs I read. At least I don't ONLY pin desserts and fitness inspiration, I pin lots of healthier foods as well as party ideas, gift ideas, things for church, etc. I am a pinterest addict!

Sarah S. said...

On the same page. A couple of friends have mentioned that they are trying to give it up. They will never have "that house" or "that body" or "those clothes". I also think that many of the "health" body pictures are boder line soft porn. Stick with food storage, you'll be safe there. Lol.

Sue said...

I'm not doing pinterest yet, but if I ever do, I will not be comparing myself to others. I never do that, because I don't like to lose!