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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

if you give a kid a camera

Sometimes I give this kid my camera.

how would you like a bag of chips as big as you are?
Don't worry. It's an old point and shoot. And by old, I mean not even four years (but feels more like 10). You know how it goes. Everything technological feels old after a year. You almost feel like an idiot buying anything, knowing that in 2 months there will be a new version and you will be the chump who spent an entire paycheck on the now-outdated-practically-defunct-what-are-you-80 version.

But, I digress.

I give Rhett my camera on occasion. I always learn something.


1. The cupboard seems massively tall when you are two. No wonder he just points and grunts when he is hungry. I can't make anything out other than syrup and oats. "Just give me something!"

2. The microwave (and specifically UNDER the microwave) is kind of dirty. How do crumbs get under the microwave? That's embarrassing (but not enough, apparently).

3. Art is awesome. Even if it is a poster, at least he's noticing it.

4. Ooh, that looks interesting and dangerous. What could be balancing on top of a cooling rack on a pot on the stove? Must investigate.

Also, on occasion I get pictures that are fantastic. I don't know if it's because they are taken from a lower vantage point or that everyone is less inhibited when a two-year-old points a camera in your direction; all I know is when Rhett takes over, we get picture GOLD!

It's exhausting being two. Can you even handle it?


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Sue said...

A budding photographer with a very interesting point of view! (Literally and figuratively...)