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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Italia senza bambini (Italy without kids)

Vacations with kids are a lot of work and create great memories.

Vacations without kids are a lot of work and create great memories.

Let me start by saying that if it weren't for a number of extremely helpful family members and friends, this would not have happened. Well, unless we had an extra couple of thousand dollars to spend on a babysitter/nanny. But then it probably would not have been as fun for the kids.

Before we left, we organized a couple of "tending trades"--one with my brother, and another with my friend. I watched their kids while they went on vacation and knew that they would do similarly when I left. Grandparents came in and filled in the rest. Alan's parents stayed at our house so that the kids could still go to school /activities /etc. His mother had my house cleaner than when I left (and I had cleaned it pretty thoroughly... for me). How nice is that? I will tell you... very nice! My parents picked up the kids  for the last three days and took them on vacation to their home. Then on the last night, my brother and Dad brought them home, got them in bed and picked us up from the airport. Pretty sweet, huh?

It definitely made it easier for me knowing that my kids were having a fun time with people who cared about them. I even got a few emails with pictures showing me that they were alive and well.
Rhett getting TWO balloons with my friend, Erynn

the kids hanging out with my brother, Spencer
In short, it is not easy leaving your kids for 10 days for a lot of reasons. But in my humble, enlightened, expert opinion it is important to a marriage to leave your kids for a few days and "just be" with your spouse. Italy is an extreme example, I know. Being with Alan and no kids is important to me. I am reminded of many things--namely that in 16.2 years, it is going to be just us for the rest of our days. I hope we still like each other. I feel pretty good about it.

In bullet points, why I love going away with Alan:
  • stay up late, sleep in
  • sexy time
  • only paying for two meals; let's get dessert!
  • uninterrupted talking
  • no plans
  • napping
  • visit a castle? sure, why not!?
  • sexy time
  • eating when you're hungry
  • missing your kids
  • seeing how insignificant your life is (in a good way)
  • experiencing history
  • the world is big; God loves all of us
  • gelato before lunch
  • sexy time
  • long, aimless walks
  • adventure!

I've heard there were ghosts haunting this castle, but I don't believe it.

Italia with friends
What I learned from an Italian chef


7 wise comments:

Anne said...

I love your pictures and your bullet points! What an awesome trip!

CJ said...

I could tell by Al's smile in some of the pictures on Facebook that some of those bullet points made him extra happy. Your trip looked like a lot of fun. I can't wait to see the other posts and pictures.

Sue said...

It's so good to get away as a couple. Young parents need some of that "sexy time." (It's one of the benefits of an empty nest...)


melanie said...

I bet sext time is way better in Italy....

Laraine Eddington said...

Sigh. You'll have to interpret that as either jealousy or unselfish happiness for you.

karen★ said...

you look so hot!!!

p.s. HOORAY x's 2451 FOR SEXY TIME!!!!

Chelsea said...

Sounds amazing, glad your home and well now. Your kids missed you! I love that you included lots of sexy time...hopefully your kids don't see your blog, it may trigger some curiosity.