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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I have a confession to make. My name is Ahh-nna and I am addicted to gold spray paint.

It's true.

You see, I've had these gnomes for a lot of years. Last year they looked like this:

You can imagine how much worse they looked this year. But, see, I don't like showing people at their worst, with their bellies hanging over and out, their hair all skiwampus, their paint chipping, and all. Just imagine that my poor garden gnomes were looking pretty ragged.

A month ago I decided to paint them something snazzy. GOLD! I bought the more expensive Rustoleum brand and MAN, have I been pleased.
I have not been paid to endorse this glorious product. I wouldn't mind being so.

These bad boys only needed one coat. ONE! 

Who knew gnomes could be so glamorous? Extreme Makeover, Gnome Edition!
There was so much paint leftover and the coverage was so incredible. So I continued to paint.

he's a little spotty from the lawn sprinkler, but still gorgeous!
And paint.
My animal planters. They are pretty incredible looking, even without their plants.

And four more just like them. All Gold.
Same can of spray paint.

And my favorites of all, gold rats. They keep it classy on the dinner table.

I'm kind of obsessed with the gold rats. I'm not going to lie, they are my favorite thing right now. You would think that I spent THOUSANDS of dollars on them, but I didn't. Only one dollar per rat and my fancy gold spray paint.

I still have some of the gold left and I am scouring my house for something that needs to be gold.

GOLD, people! Who knew?


6 wise comments:

jfbast said...

love it! i've got all kinds of things that could use a gold makeover. hmmm...

Sue said...

Those gold rats are the best of all!


Chelsea said...

I Love gold. Your house is full of bling!!

Suzanne said...

Never knew gold could be so magical until know. Loved the gold pumpkins. As for the gold rats...not sure I could pull that off in my house, so you are more than welcome to keep them! :)

amy said...

Genius! My kids think you're do I.

Tournesol said...

I like the gold gnomes best, very nice! How about painting some real pumpkins gold? I saw some painted blac and white, gold would be pretty.