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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

engrossing nonfiction

Those are two words I never thought that I would write together. 

Yet... I have never enjoyed reading a nonfiction book as much as I did while reading The Devil in the White City. It's all about the World's Fair of 1893 in Chicago and two very different dynamic men who made it so memorable.

Where is the movie? Why have I never heard of the devilish doctor who murdered so many people --more than Jack the Ripper, times at least two, maybe even times 20? 

I loved it. Oddly and truly. It should be a must read for High School American History and for summer. So says I.

Have you read it? Do you read historical nonfiction? Is that redundant?


6 wise comments:

Alan Macfarlane said...

Can't wait to start it!

Alycia said...

Such a great book! Be sure to check out his other books when you are finished. I saw Erik Larson speak recently at the library and he was almost as interesting as his books.

Laurel said...

I, too, found this book so engaging. Just finished Erik Larson's latest, 'In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler's Berlin.'

It was sobering as it followed an American ambassador and his family in Berlin as Hitler rose to power.

I love historical non-fiction. Each book I read seems to fill in the gaps and makes all history so much more interesting.

Currently reading David McCullough's latest, 'The Greater Journey, Americans in Paris."It follows important Americans and their lives in Paris during the 1800's. I love anything that McCullough writes!

Found your blog through Laraine's :)

Sue said...

My husband and sons love historical non-fiction. It's their favorite, when it's well done.

Me? Not as much, but I've enjoyed some of the books they've read. And this one sounds like it might be worth checking out.

Thanks for the tip!


Steph said...

I read Laura Hillenbrand's Unbroken this summer and was unable to put it down. I'll have to try this one .

LaNell said...

I read this several years ago and couldn't put it down!