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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

about last night

last night...

Maggie informed us that she owes $20 to the school, because she lost a Greek Mythology book. 

      -How long has it been lost?

     -I don't know, a couple of months. 

    -When did you check it out?


Why am I first hearing about it with two more days of school left?!

And then...

the power goes out. For hours and hours. During dinner I realize that the Bachelorette won't record on my DVR if there is no power. I promised myself that I wouldn't watch this season, but then my sister-in-law met this season's villain at her gym. Apparently he lives near my parents. He seems such a slime-ball. I decide to start taping it... just to see this play out. For fun. Right?

But it doesn't record. Maggie and I spend the next two hours with a lantern and two flashlights turning her bedroom upside down. We fill two paper bags up with garbage. Mostly paper and comics from under her bed. No book.

Maggie cries. She's saved up $26 for our trip to France when she turns 16 and she is devastated that she will only have $6 left. Part of me wants to save her. Another knows this will be a good lesson. She says, "I'm never going to check out a book AGAIN!"

We give up at 10 pm. Something about her needing some sleep before school. Rhett and I go into the front room to enjoy the dark and silence (and calm him down before bed). I am exhausted.

10:15 pm: the power returns. No book. No Bachelorette.

Coincidence? Or a good lesson?

I'll tell you after I watch the episode streaming online. And call the school librarian.


6 wise comments:

Chelsea said...

Poor Mags... Good lesson though, you are right. Bachelorette was great last night. He is a jerk, I wouldn't show my face anywhere for awhile if I were him, not even the gym ;)

Helen Macfarlane said...

Definitely call the librarian. I've had them tell me my kids haven't returned books only to find them on the shelf at the library.

You are such a good mom. I would totally come to the rescue and pay the fine myself. Not good.

Sue said...

You are right to let her pay, for sure!

Good parenting!!


Alan Macfarlane said...

Helen, that is my theory, too. I'll bet my left boot that the book is sitting out of order on some library shelf completely thumbing its nose at the Dewey Decimal System.

Not that Maggie is above losing a book, but if it's not in our house-- and I'm convinced now that it's not-- I'll bet it's already at the school. And yet, we're going to have to pay for it anyway.

Laraine Eddington said...

This post has more suspense than any episode of the Bachelorette.

Kelli said...

I am seriously cracking up at this post. Oh Anna, thanks for brightening my days...the villian is such a terd. Like embarrassing. Unfortunately, he IS good looking but good heavens, NOONE is THAT amazing. Ewww. I hope the book situation was resolved...lame and heartbreaking. Xo