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Monday, April 11, 2011

hair ball


Yesterday we (finally) decorated the house for Easter. It's the holiday that I love for its meaning and kind of roll my eyes at the rest.

I mean, COME ON! The Easter Bunny? Don't get me started.

Santa Claus I get. Even the Tooth Fairy. One time we even employed the Pacy Fairy to get Johnny to stop using his pacifiers. (it worked) But the Easter Bunny?

I feel like a big fat fraud when I tell my kids that a huge bunny comes to our home, hides our eggs (why?), and leaves little treats in a basket. I am trying to convince them of THAT? How ridiculous is this?

It's one of those moments in parenthood that you know is going to come back and bite you in the rear end. "I can't trust anything you say, Mom. I mean, remember the EASTER BUNNY?!?!"

And I will hang my head and sigh.

BUT, if I expose the crack in the childhood facade that the Easter Bunny is made up, will they then not believe in all of the rest? Will I no longer read their letters to Santa and his elf assigned to our family, Redberry? Will their teeth find their way to the trash instead of under their pillows? Will they no longer clap their hands when the DVD skips, because once their Mom told them that clapping helps the DVD player get back on track?

I will keep up this lie of the Easter Bunny, but I am not happy about it. I'm totally cool about some lies, this just ain't one of 'em.

Do you GET the reason for an Easter Bunny? Do you lie to your kids so that childhood is more fun?


16 wise comments:

katyasmommy said...

Let's just say, Katya figured it all out before she was even 6! We'll see how long she'll keep the secrets from her siblings.

Laraine said...

I never could bear to tell the Easter Bunny tale. We always hid our baskets on Saturday in connection with a picnic or outing. It didn't seem to conflict with the rest (Santa etc.).

amy said...

I find that I don't even mention the Easter Bunny. The kids just know that they'll wake up to hidden eggs and a full Easter basket. Now I'm beginning to wonder what they think happens.

Anna M said...

@ Jen: WHAT? smart cookie. I think Maggie WANTS to believe, so she ignores her better judgment.

@ Laraine: explain. you leave on a picnic on Saturday and the baskets are filled and hidden? hmmm...

@ amy: how can I do likewise? How can I rectify this EB problem without blowing the whole facade?

seven smiles said...

yes I lie to my children so their childhood is more fun.
some lies are easier for me to tell. (I am totally with you on the EB.)
we always do our baskets on Saturday (yes delivered by the {lame} easter bunny). we've always told our kids that we put our order into the EB to do it on Saturday instead of Sunday because we like to remember why we REALLY celebrate Easter. They didn't mind--they got their treats a day early. But, as they have gotten older, through listening to their conversations, I know that they like the way we've made that distinction.
I usually decorate for Easter, but I never dragged my stuff our this year, we've been super busy-- and no one has asked about it.

Angela Henrie said...

One time the Easter Bunny left ONE big basket for all eight kids to share. They were TICKED. They think he's a cheapskate now and lost all respect.

jen said...

I'm not big on the Easter Bunny, especially his little money laundering scheme at the mall. I won't even take my kids to sit on SANTA'S lap.
I just don't say a whole lot about it, hope "he" gets lost in the excitement of eggs and candy. And presents from the Easter Bunny? COME ON! (I guess I do slip goggles into my kids' baskets, but they NEED those. . . .)

Minda and Scott Waltman said...

I think the Easter Bunny is a little over rated. But I do remember when Grandma Ruth would put on this pretty creepy bunny mask for the big Easter egg hunt every year. You should ask Al about that. I was really sad to find out that it had broken when my parents moved. It was the tradition that I think made the Easter Bunny more real when I was younger.

Anna M said...

@ jenny: I like the idea of doing on Saturday (more time, more meaning for Sunday, etc) but I feel like I've made my Easter bed already.

@ Ange: hilarious. that is the ticket. Have them lose respect and I am saved.

@ jen: nobody NEEDS goggles. ;) it's a racket, this EB business

@ Minda: oh man, that sounds super creepy. Didn't you know it was your grandma?

Alan Macfarlane said...

@Minda, I definitely remember that mask, et al. It was as unsettling as it was fun.

Sue said...

Yep, I was a big liar. Easter Bunny and all. Funny, though, I never thought of him as a big bunny. I always thought of him as a regular looking bunny, except with clothes.


Christine Jain said...

Oh, Easter Bunny. I feel like as long as they get the candy, they won't care. Maybe they're not as gluttonous as my brothers and I were, though.

Jen said...

Emily gave her pacie to the Easter Bunny some 13 years ago...funny, huh?

Annie said...

Bahhh! The bunny mask! Nightmares ensued for decades. It mysteriously disappeared a few years ago in my mom's basement. I'm not going to jump to any conclusions here but maybe the Easter bunny was tired of being mocked. Just sayin.

Anna M said...

@ christine: yes, plenty of candy. but I think no toys this year.

@ Jen: two birds in one stone. NICE

@ annie: I think I am glad that mask disappeared. sounds horrid.

Anne said...

I didn't get to comment yet on this but my mom asked if I remembered what she had told us after she read your post and I said of course (it was pretty vivid!) I swear I was pretty little and she looked at me and said, "Really Anne, do you actually think a 6 foot tall bunny hops into our house and leaves stuff for you guys? Really? And a little fair with wings comes and sneaks your tooth away? Do you REALLY think that's the truth?" Then of course we were like, "I guess not..." And she was happy. But she did do Santa, I think based off the happy tradition that at one time he was a good guy helping out kids in need. It seemed logical to me at the time but it's kind of a tricky situation figuring out what to do for my kids!