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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

only in dreams

Maybe it was our visit to the zoo last week.

Or maybe it was last night's episode of the Bachelor on safari in South Africa. (hello, fantasy tree house!)

I had more than one dream about giraffes last night. Are they the most unbelievable creatures or what? Last night, one was living in my backyard (which was significantly larger than my actual yard). It was freakin' awesome. I don't know how I would afford to feed it, though. Or keep away those rascal boys who frequently walk across my roof (true).

And which pattern would I choose, anyway?

Seriously, favorite animal. 

I also happened to dream that I had Emily's body. Son of a gun. 

Good thing I am content with my reality. Right?



4 wise comments:

CJ said...

We went to Disney World last November and stayed at Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas – Jambo House. Right outside our balcony we had giraffes, ostrich, zebras, etc. The Giraffes were the best. They were running around, chasing each other. It was quite an experience. It was like we had pet giraffes, but someone else picked up after! =)

Anna M said...

@ cj: good call on the cleaning up part. I didn't even think of how large that task would be.

And quit your bragging about all of your awesome trips! ;)

Sue said...

I've never had the neighbor boys run across my roof, but they've certainly run through my pool on a summer night.

Yep, they jump in and "walk" from one end to the other. That's the latest "cool" thing to do. (A giraffe would probably be pretty good at it...)



Alan Macfarlane said...

Sue, I'm impressed at how you tied that all together. Nicely done!