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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One FAT Tuesday

I've been thinking a lot about Easter already. Not so much the decorations (since I just barely put up some green love for St. Patrick's Day... of course because of my Greek heritage and all). I have not been thinking about the egg hunt, nor the dinner, nor how I am going to grit my teeth for one more year while explaining to my children the monstrosity that is the Easter Bunny.

I've been thinking about Lent

I have never participated in Lent. It's not a tradition that is typically practiced in my religion. We do have a day of fasting once a month, but it usually means we abstain from all food and water for at least two meals. The idea of "sacrificing" one thing for 40 days--representing the 40 days that Jesus fasted and prayed in the desert--and preparing yourself to honor the ultimate sacrifice and ultimate gift (Easter) is intriguing. 

Ash Wednesday (tomorrow) marks the beginning of Lent for many. So today (Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras in french), millions of people will go crazy and do everything in abundance that they promise to sacrifice for 40 days after (except for Sundays, I guess). That is what we call the night before a lemon cleanse in my house. Or any diet.

I guess I've done something similar to Mardi Gras many times before, just with more self-serving intentions. 

Tomorrow I am participating in Lent for the first time in my life. I plan on "sacrificing" candy (which I hold very dear to my heart), intently reading the New Testament every day, and praying for more forgiveness and a less selfish heart. I am excited to make my way towards Easter and hopefully having a fuller understanding of it.

I probably won't go all GRAS on this MARDI, but I will probably indulge in a few last pieces of candy for fun. 

Do you participate in Lent? Have you before? Are you planning on it this year? Would you like to share?


9 wise comments:

Jen said...

Oh ...can you still have cookies? I must make those oatmeal choc hips you shared!

Jen said...

Meant choc chips...but I'm sure they could lead to choc hips...ha!

CJ said...

Instead of sacrificing something for lent, I think I am going to start something.

jen said...
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jen said...

I'm saving the deprivation post for Ash Wednesday. Obviously an amateur. Today is supposed to be the riotous living day.

Sue said...

I never have participated in Lent, but I like the idea. Maybe giving up sugar would be the thing for me.


Tournesol said...

I participate in Lent and usually we go out for Mardi Gras but I'm staying home this year. It is a good feeling I think to give something up, something you think is really going to be difficult to do with out and then find out the attachment to that thing, isn't nearly as strong as you thought. Like coffee. I'm a coffee girl, LOVE my Starbucks but I gave it up for 40 days and it was actually very freeing. Youngest son is an altar server this year and will be serving during Lent so this year feels extra special.

Beth said...

I was raised Catholic but I'm not anymore. When I was in college and still semi-Catholic, one year I gave up s. e. x for Lent!

jfbast said...

my husband's family is catholic and usually participate so i decided to join in this year! it's nothing new, but i am giving up sugar. it is my #1 vice.