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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

on motherhood

I have tried to coerce my children into calling me Mommy.
To no avail.
it is.

I wonder what they will think about their Mom when they are older,
gathered together as adults
at a restaurant,

Will they remember baking cookies, singing and dancing to good music
and me pretending that I don't see
when they sneak
the dough?

Will they remember watching movies on the couch,
eating popcorn and

Or will they remember the times I lost my cool and yelled
that there would be consequences
if they did that

Will they remember choking on veggies and quinoa for dinner
or the times I threw in the kitchen towel
and ordered a large
pepperoni pizza?

This motherhood thing is tricky.

I yearn for times when my children will practice self-reliance,
be easier on family vacations,
and babysit


and this is a big BUT...

I know the hours are quickly passing
and the seconds too brief
when my little ones
are just so.

What I really wonder is... 

How many more times will my daughter
to tuck her into bed
at night?

How many more baths will the boys take together,
before they get too old and forget how they
splash, tease and laugh,
hardly washing?

How many more times will I grab my baby,
strip him down to nothing,
and bring him to shower
with me?

The kisses all day, the tiny footprints in the kitchen,
the rock collections, the baby lotion,
the never-ending supply of army guys,
the plethora of bandaids

The forgiveness they so easily give when I have misbehaved,
the remorse shown when they have,
and the "I'm sorry" hugs
that always follow

If I could bottle up this time of my life, with each kid just as they are,
I know that I would treasure and savor it
grabbing a sip or whiff
each year

Don't tell me it is fleeting, this time of my life.
Don't tell me that is passes quickly
and that someday, before I know it,
I will miss it.

Because the one thing I don't want
is to miss it.


11 wise comments:

{Steve and Amanda} said...

Beautiful post. said...

Sorry Anna, as much as you try to capture it, you will still miss it. I loved this.

Sue said...

Laraine has it just right, but the good news is that you will enjoy their adulthood in a whole new and equally wonderful way.

My grown kids are my favorite people on earth to be with (next to my husband, of course), and they clean up after themselves now. (Sometimes, they even clean up after ME!)


jfbast said...

i tried to get my kids to call me mommy at first, but they insisted on mama and now i wouldn't want it any other way. loved this post. well said.

jen said...

Love this. I'm beginning to see the end, and, frankly, I don't like it. Not one bit.
Pass the bottle. I have a few memories I need to add.

martha corinna said...

I know. I'm always trying to be present which means I probably should answer Rosemary's cries right now.

Kim Allgood said...

Rebecca has climbed into Peter's crib and both of them are in there laughing hysterically. This is a great day. Thanks for being able to write what I feel. ;)

Kelli said...

Love this!

Jillian said...

This brought tears to my eyes...and was just the reminder I needed that each moment is precious as I end one verryyy long day with my 20-month old. Thank was beautiful!

seven smiles said...


Chelsea said...

I loved reading this!!