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Thursday, March 17, 2011

I am not a photographer

Ty-Ty and Touille (Rhett)

We were in AZ last weekend visiting our family and a couple of friends. It was the quickest kind of visit, but hopefully we'll be able to make more of them. And I realized something while I was there.

I am a horrible photographer.

I am a bad photographer because I just POINT and SHOOT. I am bad because my camera is purse-sized and Jimmy Crack Corn (& I don't care). I am bad because I also don't care if anybody is smiling or looking, etc. I am a lazy picture taker. I am an even lazier photo editor.

But, I am horrible, because I hardly remember to take it out and snap at the best of times. I am too busy "living in the moment" to think of disturbing said moment with a photo. Sometimes I envy the people who are always taking pictures. Sometimes.

After a couple of days of food, family, kickball, dinners and very important discussions, I realized I had taken only a couple of photos while we were there. And they were all of Ashton as we were BORED silly waiting in a stark and cold Urgent Care (he's fine, btw).

There we were last Sunday night, all saying goodbye and leaving. My little family would be heading out in the early morning. So I pulled out the camera and took some last-ditch doozies of some pretty great lovelies.
 Maggie with the AZ girl cousins... and Dylan

goodbye, Cam the Man
Ange and Amanda (and Eddie)
Did we get that camera smile from Mom or Dad?
I demand a rematch of kickball this summer. Let's say around the 4th of July up in Utah?


5 wise comments:

jen said...

I'm laughing that you played kickball in a skirt.
I was laughing. Until I realized your sister was doing the same.
Then I realized it was genetic, like the camera smile.
So sad I missed you.

Mom of 3, wife of 1 said...

The Greer girls (all of them) have always been so beautiful!!

Alan Macfarlane said...

I think just one of Todd's calves could defeat an army on its own.

Sue said...

I never used to take photos at all until I started blogging. And I'm a fan of the point and shoot cameras, too.


Angela Henrie said...

You're on. I will definately be there for the fourth. i already commited to the date.