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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

dirty dilemma

I used to say dilem-na, because I thought that is how dilemma was spelled: dilemna.  Guess what, old self? It aint.

my latest

There is a big craft bazaar around these parts that gets some good buzz. Last time I went, I was feeling mighty proud and thought to myself that everything offered looked the same as always and that not everyone liked birds. 

(oh wait, I DID buy that owl hat for Rhett. moving on)

Naturally, I thought that I could come up with something that would knock the crafting world's socks off. 

When it was time to apply for a position to be a seller at this exclusive bazaar, I enlisted my super-crafty sister, ANGELA, to be a teammate so we could come up with loads of crafty crafts. In the back of my head, I don't think I thought that I could get in... I think.

Then we got the email congratulating us for our acceptance (and please send the deposit fee ASAP, thankyouverymuch).

HA! I proclaimed. I'm good enough. So, naturally, now I don't feel as much pressure to be in it. After all, now I have to give them money in hopes that I can at least sell enough to make that back plus some extra moola for my time and trouble.

My dilemma now is this: do I try? no really, do I try? Seriously, is it worth it? For real, no half-truths or full-on lies. 

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7 wise comments:

amy said...

You know how I feel. Go for it! Life is all about taking chances and making experiences for ourselves. If you don't you'll always wonder if you could have. Do it! Do it! Do it! Maybe it'll give me a reason to fly up there and support you and Ange.

Anne said...

Ooh I love them, can't we work out some sort of chocolate trade? :) le penseur is my fav but I'd love venus to hold my favorite necklace. way to go you guys!

Helen Macfarlane said...

Le Penseur indeed!! I want him in my bathroom.

You should absolutely go for it. Those bazaars NEED YOU (and your sister, too).

Speaking of birds, watch this:

Sommer said...

Are you in the BB? AWESOME, can't wait to go this year!

Sue said...

Go! I am one who is sick to death of birds.


Minda and Scott Waltman said...

Yes that is so what Portland is like. Scott and I loved this sketch. Put a bird on it indeed. Anna- I think you should go. I mean up here there are farmers markets and craft markets every week and they need sell any new cool things for decorations.

Mom of 3, wife of 1 said...

Way to go my friend! I fully support you and am impressed/inspired by you!! When is the fair? I would love to go!!