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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

suggestions on a Wednesday

I wish I could have sent all of you my latest romantic CD mix. I am tempted to send another because, well, I am a giver... and I think it is pretty swell.

Check it out, love fools:

  1. I Do Adore                                              Mindy Gledhill
  2. Beautiful Girl                                           INXS
  3. How Deep Is Your Love                            The Bird And The Bee
  4. Love Is Here To Stay                               Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
  5. Baby I'm-A Want You                               Bread
  6. Here Comes My Baby                               Cat Stevens
  7. You're The Inspiration                              Chicago
  8. You Picked Me                                         A Fine Frenzy
  9. Kissed You in the Rain                             Freiheit
  10. Once Was Love                                       Ingrid Michaelson
  11. Love Me Tender                                      Elvis Presley
  12. Love Today                                            Mika
  13. Happy Together                                      The Nylons
  14. Leave the Light On                                  Priscilla Ahn
  15. Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground        Willie Nelson
  16. I Want You                                             Rachael Yamagata
  17. And I Love Her                                        The Beatles
  18. They Can't Take That Away From Me        Billie Holiday
  19. Love Me                                                The Little Willies
  20. Love Is the Answer                                Weezer
  21. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic       The Police
  22. Come Away With Me                             Norah Jones

This is a pretty awesome and kissing-filled video featuring the # 8 song. Check it out, if you want to see a plethora of kissing:

So, yeah, I am feeling the love after all. Tell me something really incredible and I might send you this awesome mix. I am talking INCREDIBLE! (and if you are my sister, you already know I am going to send you a hot mix real soon--like always--so you can tell me how incredible I am!) No sob stories. Sorry, but I got enough of my own and I need to hear things that are fantastically fantastic. Don't we all?



12 wise comments:

CJ said...

My brothers cat plays fetch. Now that is incredible! Video to back it up if you want.

Amy Y said...

Incredible love stories:

Pride and Predjudice
Gone with the Wind
These Is My Words
The Actor and the Housewife
Daughter of the Forest

I could read every one of these over and over in the this month of love. They tell of deep love without the sap. I could use some good love tunes to go with my reading :).

Brad said...

LOVED the video. And what did it say to me? First, modern kisses are way disgusting, especially when you watch them out of context (The Notebook, especially).
Second, I LOVE Gone With the Wind. And I read it eleven times before I graduated from high school (first time in sixth grade). No one holds a candle to Rhett Butler. No one.
Third, I need to watch Gone With the Wind!
Fourth, just as an interesting tidbit--I used to pretend I was Scarlett O'Hara. A lot. My mom bought an old 50s hoop skirt at a garage sale, and she actually made me a skirt to go over the top of it. I'd walk around my back yard, pretending and dreaming.
That's pretty weird, if not incredible, right?

Amanda said...

INcredible : You my sister! I was just telling Todd how I wish I was so much more like you in so many ways! Love ya

Sue said...

My confirmed bachelor brother who will be 49 this year just got engaged (!) to the best (according to my very picky sister) woman ever!! And I get to meet her next weekend!!!

(At my mom's house. And all of my siblings will be visiting, too, so we can welcome her to the family.)


Jamie said...

First-I'm sincerely hoping the comment made by "Brad" above was actually made by Jen, not Brad. Second, I agree that modern screen kisses are waaaay to much. Next, I haven't heard so many of these songs, going to check them out today.

Angela Henrie said...

You know I think you're incredible. Need I say it? OK. You're INCREDIBLE!

jen said...

Jamie emailed me and pointed out my error. I am here to expunge Brad's character. I, in fact, am the one who envisioned myself as Scarlett O'Hara. Not him.
This confession may make the above comment less incredible.
Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

Stef said...

Incredible...boy. And no sob you are so mean.
I heard that a McDonalds hambuger stays in your system for 30 days before it totally leaves your digestive system.
That is incredible! Incredably disgusting. I knew there was a reason I hate McDonalds.

Emily said...

I happen to know, firsthand, ok secondhand, that Pres. Monson is way, and I mean WAY into WWWF. He knows the stars by name and everything. No joke. Just don't let it rock your testimony. But what I don't get is how he has time for it? INCREDIBLE.

Anne said...

I finally got to watch the video and it was awesome! Love all the Gone with the Wind and good new stuff too! :)

We are enjoying INCREDIBLE weather here and it's making everyone in my house happy! Oh and something else incredible, I made cupcakes for the Milliron's wedding. It was a happy valentines!

The Bostock Fam said...

Incredible huh! My nephew that just turned 2 can say every name of the first presidency, 12 apostles and the 70 by just pointing to the pictures!