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Monday, January 24, 2011

this is the photo

This is the photo that hangs in our home. It was an engagement photo of Alan and me, Ahhnna. I promise that is me. I used to look like that. In fact, every single morning before I see a mirror, I still believe that this is what I look like.

This is the photo that hangs in our home and didn't get kindly retouched so that my under-the-eyes show the sleeplessness that ensues when one is trying to graduate from college while being madly in love.

This is the photo that hangs in our home that my friend saw.

This is the photo that hangs in our home, that my friend saw and asked me who that was playing piggyback with Alan.

This is the photo that hangs in our home, that my friend saw, which now reminds me that I no longer look young and carefree.

This is the photo that hangs in our home which makes me question my sanity because my friend would suggest that I have a photo hanging in our home with Alan and another lady.

This is the lame and vain attempt to reenact the photo that hangs in our home. Twelve years older and wiser, too. And yes, it is still me with Alan.


15 wise comments:

Angela Henrie said...

Oh brother, B. You know deep down as it may be, that you are beautiful. More so than in that old photo when you both looked young and inexperienced. Now your face shows be beauty that withstands time AND trials. And it GLOWS with wisdom! You are MUCH more beautiful NOW. said...

Amen Angela. And how lucky you are Anna, to have a sister that will tell you that.

Besides, carefree is another word for freedom which is another word for nothin' left to lose.

Helen Macfarlane said...

I had the exact same thing happen to me with our engagement photo! Only, it was a child that asked who that woman was with Kevin. "Oh, that's his lover...." No, I didn't say that. But I wanted to. And I'm sorry, but she is either a total idiot or that was a cruel joke because it is OBVIOUSLY you. I agree with Angela. No matter how old, fat or tired you get, there's no taking away your radiance. It's what drew me to you in the first place, don't you know.

Helen Macfarlane said...

That made it sound like I think you're old fat and tired! LOL! I said that because that's how I FEEL, not you.

Amy Y said...

I agree. More beautiful now. That photo that hangs in your home is of two babies who thought they knew each other and loved each other but really had no idea... well a little of an idea of course, but you know what I mean (I hope). Besides, I wonder at the person who thinks you look so different and he looks the same. He's changed as much or more than you!

Anna M said...

@ Angela: you know I know that I am a looker. I never said I wasn't. Just baffled at the comment that it didn't even look like me.

@ laraine: yes, she likes to remind me of all of my greatness. I am lucky.

@ Helen: HA! I truly LOL'd at the second comment of yours. ;)

@ amy: it was a very bizarre moment, to be sure. Must have been my numerous face lifts that threw her off. ;) And I agree, Alan looks like a teenager in our engagement photo.

seven smiles said...

no disrespect to your friend, but

your eyes and your smile stand out most to me in that first picture. and that's what I see in the second.

amy said...

You look the same only better. Your friend is mad! Some of my best pictures I've had people tell me it doesn't look like me. It hurts for a moment and then I tell myself they're just jealous.

Mom of 3, wife of 1 said...

I hope you take this in a very nice way, but I think you look prettier in your second photo (not that you were not a knock-out in photo #1). I think you look the same as you did in high school, but much more confident and self assured. AND without a bad perm. We all had bad perms!!

I don't think I look anything like my engagement photos any more. Much more laugh lines and wisdom lines now!!

Alan Macfarlane said...

Hey, I think I look good in both! ;D

Anna M said...

@ jenny, amy, and suzanne: thanks. I can't help but laugh every time I see the photo we took last night. We look so serious, but we were being facetious in mimicry. And the bandaids all over my fingers.

@ alan: of course, you always look amazing. how did I get sooo lucky? ;)

The Driggs said...

Anna, can I just tell you how beautiful you are? I mean SERIOUSLY!!! I have loved the blogging world because you always wonder what people look like "these days". I love to remember friends in high school, when we didn't have a care in the world (well, at the time we felt like we had cares...but nothing in the true perspective of real life)....anyways, where was I? Oh yes, I love to then see that the friends I had have become women...and not because of age, but because of life's experiences, and wisdom, and being mothers. It's one of the most beautiful things in the world to me. I think you are absolutely stunning and inspiring. And you look super cute playing piggy back "these days" with your hubby!

Stef said...

I love them both! But you look more in love in the second photo for sure!

Jen said...

To look more like you than Alan looks like him! Hmmmm.

karen★ said...

you are so dang gorgeous girl! i think the first one looks exactly like you now. and that 2nd picture is are so full of life & i think you should definitely question your friend's sanity & your own as well; you are HOT!