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Thursday, June 10, 2010

hair apparent

This happens to me every time.

Those who knew me BC (before college) know me as someone with long, permed hair.  

Those who knew me in college know me as someone with short to really short hair.

I've been trying to grow it out ever since I graduated from college.

It never makes it past my shoulders.

This time, though, I have felt empowered.  I am going to grow this head o' hair o' mine until it touches my toes (when I'm in the Uttanasana pose, of course).  

For whatever reason, when I see Mia Michaels on So You Think You Can Dance, all I want to do is rock the short cut once again.  She isn't some young, pixie-faced model.  She's a woman!  And she rocks it.

Heaven help me and this hair of mine.

This message brought to you by the really important things in life: hair and vanity.

Three things:
1. rain and sunshine all in one day
2. Johnny referring to a statue of Brigham Young as "Dave"
3. Auto-mo-biles


6 wise comments:

Laraine Eddington said...

Not to sway you, but you have the face to rock short hair. But endurance does teach us many life lessons as we wait for our follicles to produce.

Kelli said...

I am cracking up about the 'dave' comment. And although I think you look fantastic with short hair, just grow it. I do the same thing and can never get it as long as I would like. Why not try, right? I is overrated for shizzle.

Hope all is well. xo

katie said...

Be patient! If I can do it, anyone can. But if you do, I can hook you up!

Jen said...

Summer is great for growing out hair. Just throw on a ball cap and go!

Isabel said...

I too would love a short do. That is until I wake up every morning and am able to pull my longish hair back into a pony. Dude, nothing beats a pony!!

Also, vanity and hair are very important!

Angela Henrie said...

auto-mo-bile? Is that Long Duck Don?