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Thursday, May 27, 2010

eating sugar is overrated

My great friend, Marci (who either forgot that she has a blog or forgot how TO blog), left me a sweet message on my phone for Ashton's birthday.  She told ME congratulations for making it that far without sugar and that she hoped I had something delicious to celebrate with him.  Remember when I declared that I was going to not eat any sugar until his birthday?

Yeah, me neither.

Well, I mostly did it.  You see, there was this one night that my friend came into town and we went to a crazy delicious restaurant and I ordered all healthy until she ordered a dessert and then I chimed in: Bring me the chocolate mousse!  And it was divine.

And then there was that time a few weeks ago that I started having flare-ups again (you know, my medical issues) and I got really ticked.  BECAUSE, I had not only been refraining from sugar, but also from all meat, dairy, and mostly anything processed.  I thought I was being so healthy and great trying to self-heal this body of mine and then WHAM!  Wasn't working.  So, I ate some sugar-laden items for a day and a half.  

Of course, then I felt worse, so I went back to eating no sugar, no meat (including no eggs), no dairy, and (because of some additional research) I also added no gluten.  For the past few weeks, most of my meals look something like this:

And although I don't feel 100%, I feel great about the direction in which I am heading.  Some of my research gave me the reminder I needed that eating well for one or two months isn't going to miraculously heal me, but that eating this way "is often extremely slow in showing results but... a slow improvement is surely preferable to a slow, hopeless degeneration."

Then Ashton's birthday came and my sweet friend left me the message to go ahead and share a piece of cake.  And can you believe that when I had an opportunity to eat something sweet, this is what I had:

First, you gotta love the writing.  ASTON?  Ha!  This will be a great reminder of the year that Mom didn't make his cake.

Second, WHY?  This was so not worth it.  I should have bought a special Mommy treat of glurpy chocolate and brie cheese.  Or something.

And then after I ate it, Alan said: Now no more sugar until your birthday! (Aug. 31)

No problem.  

Three things:
1. Great Lash mascara (I don't know why people rag on it--it's my #1)
2. American Idol is FINALLY over (longest season ever)
3. My niece Hunter is graduating--go, fight, WIN, HUNTER!


4 wise comments:

jen said...

I too must confess a sugar sin.
"It's been a week since my last sugar-free day."
And you're right. It's not worth it.
Everything else, don't think I could give up.
But I hope you're feeling better soon.
And as for AI--we fast-forwarded and watched the very end when Lee won and that was it.
And was he kind of an idiot or what?

Laraine Eddington said...

I agree, when you eat sugar it should be worth it. Unfortunately, I think it is worth it every time I eat sugar. You're strong Anna, you're so strong.

Marci Hernandez said...

I guess I need to be better at reading your blog. Still only a few cheat days out of a month is pretty dang good in my book. I guess I also need to update my week.

Paige said...

Ugh. I give up sugar for "Lent" every year, but it's always a struggle, and I usually don't make it the whole time. Which should indicate to me that I have a problem with sugar.