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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

clever lady #15

"I am not my body."
-Stephanie Nielson (nienie)

I believe that I made a choice in heaven to come to earth and obtain a body.  I believe that I really wanted to have a body.  I believe that I knew that their would be discomfort, pain, and illness, but that there would also be joy and health.  I believe in a God that gave us this opportunity to have an earthly experience and that every single day is a blessing and a gift to prove to Him we are willing to learn and grow.

And since I am on the subject of my beliefs...

I also believe that there is an adversary to this earthly/heavenly plan.  I believe that he did not get a body.  I believe that he will do everything he can to get us to debase/hate/obsess/belittle/hurt our bodies.  I believe it is one of his greatest tools.  I think he is jealous.  I think he gloats every time we despise our body.  

I believe that as women, mothers, sisters, daughters, friends we care way TOO much about fitting into a body ideal.  We spend too much time, money, energy, emotions, worry, brain cells in obtaining what we think is perfect.  Our bodies are not perfect.  No matter what we do on this earth, they won't be perfect.  They are, however, perfectly what we need them to be and sometimes what our Father in Heaven thinks they ought to be.

I am not saying that "all things are for a reason" or that I can eat myself silly/succumb to illness/abuse harmful substances because it was "meant to be."  I want to treat my body as the most incredible gift given to me by the most revered King.  But it will fade.  It will weaken.  It will break and wilt and eventually fail.  It is exactly what I wanted and what I need.  It is my experience.

As mothers, we should show our daughters how much we love and respect our own bodies.  Then they will learn to love theirs.  We should tell our daughters how our souls, our spirits, are the most beautiful and unique.  Maybe they will know of their divinity and feel the confidence that they are daughters of a loving Heavenly Father.  As mothers, we need to express gratitude for our own bodies.  We need to find all of the good and all of the working parts.  We should tell our daughters how awesome we are.  Then they will see how awesome they are, too.

I pray everyday that I can do this for myself and for my Maggie.

almost eight years ago

Three things:
1. Rhett in a stroller, going for a stroll, getting some vitamin D
2. having to REWRITE this post, which made me think about it even more (first one was WAY better)
3. helpful, informative doctor appointments


13 wise comments:

jen said...

That was my favorite quote in that whole video. And you put this very well. I will never forget President Holland's talk to the YW and how we as the adults in their lives need to set the example that our bodies are precious gifts.
Well said.
And love the pic of you with Maggie.

Helen Macfarlane said...

It's like you took the words right out of my mouth. After watching this video clip this morning, I went to get my hair cut. The stylist and I had this very conversation. But I fear I haven't learned the lesson well enough myself in order to teach in to my girls. Time to get on my knees.

Helen Macfarlane said...

Sorry. One more thing.

"For example, they need to understand that when they wear clothing that is too tight, too short, or too low cut, they not only can send the wrong message to young men with whom they associate, but they also perpetuate in their own minds the fallacy that a woman’s value is dependent solely upon her sensual appeal. This never has been nor will it ever be within the righteous definition of a faithful daughter of God. They need to hear this—clearly and repeatedly—from your lips, and they need to see it modeled correctly and consistently in your own personal standards of dress, grooming, and modest living." Elder Ballard

Jen said...

Yeah! We are awesome, just the way we are..and our girls are awesome too. What an amazing video. Life is preciuos. So very preciuos...even the everyday stuff.
Especially the everyday stuff as a Mom!
Happy Day!
:) Jen

Laraine Eddington said...

Whatever the "I" in me is includes my body...with all its faults, foibles, steady aging, glorious past and functional present.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. My children were born with a rare birth defect. They have a cleft palate, hearing loss, very near sighted with cataracts. My almost 13 year old daughter especially is getting to the age that this is hard. We have had these discussion a lot lately. I is hard to teach her that she wanted her body so badly that she was willing to come to this life even though we were going to be different. This is one video we will watch together. Thank you for posting.

melanie said...

WOW this is the most touching post. After watching the clip, then reading your post I am in tears. I am not a cryer at all, but the words of Nie Nie than yours hit me like a ton of bricks. Amen to it all. It is amazing what trials will do to you. They either make you or brake you. You are an amazing deep person. You inspire me to be better. Thanks for being my friend.

Mom of 3, wife of 1 said...

Thank you for your message. I will now be spreading the word to my children. I love my whole self and my body because it was made just for me!!

Angela Henrie said...

Yay, flab! I was just thinking about my stomach the other day. It's far from flat and has been stretched to its max. But I have to really love it because it grew 8 babies for me. I have to be thankful for it - it never let me down. I'll give it a love pat right now.

seven smiles said...

Your daughter is very lucky.

(And, darling picture of both of you!)

Anne said...

Beautiful, inspiring post Anna. I love the picture, too.

Kari said...

Anna, I love your insight. Love your testimony. Thanks for sharing. :)

I haven't seen that video of Stephanie. What an amazing lady. That made the tears flow. :) How grateful I am to be a mother. Thanks for your thoughts today!

Rhonda Cook said...
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