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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

her and him and Edna and I

I have admitted freely to watching shows such as the Bachelor (by the way, did you watch it last night?  What the...?  Not that I wasn't prepared, but what the...?  I thought I knew you, Jake).

So, while I watch lowbrow reality television with utter delight, the grammar frequently used on such shows is appalling.

And my good friend, Edna the Editor, is even more horrified than I am.  

She asked to write my post today and I was all too happy to oblige.  Voila, Edna.  It's all yours.


Thanks, Ahhh-nna.  I am horrified at the language used on reality shows, but I am also horrified at how easily you admit to watching such intellectually undemanding programming.  Try PBS once in a while... after 5 pm.

One thing I have noticed when I catch tiny snippets of reality television is the misuse of pronouns.

Him and I are falling madly in love.

Her and I do not get along.

Him and I?  Unless "Him" is the actual name of a person, you are mistaken in your English usage.  Him and Her are pronouns that are used as the object of a verb or preposition (meaning they receive the action).  Put plainly, DON'T USE THEM AT THE BEGINNING OF A SENTENCE!!!!  The best way to test if you should use HIM or HE is to use the pronoun alone:

Him is falling madly in love.

Her does not get along.

It should be obvious at this point.  These are wrong.  

He is falling madly in love.
He and I are falling madly in love.
I am sure YOU, friend and reader, do not erroneously misuse pronouns when you speak.  You are too wise and thoughtful to speak like a reality-show vixen.


yours in proper English reality,


Wow, thanks Edna.  That was a bit intense, but appreciated.

Three things:
1. the Bachelor is OVER
2. a high of 55*F today!
3. sharing what we love about each other at FHE last night


7 wise comments:

Anne said...

LOL. This is killing me. Thanks for the grammar lessons. I definitely did my best to dodge grammar in college and really haven't "studied" it since ninth grade (if that even counts!) I'm embarrassed to admit usually just ask my English major/rule Nazi husband the proper usage! :)

Spencer said...

"Jake and I's passion is incredible." -Vienna
Since when was "I's" a possessive pronoun? "Jake and I's" instead of "Jake's and my" happened way too much on last night's episode. I, too, am thankful that the season is over. I had dreams of that show way too often over the past 8 weeks! No reason to watch next season--except that Ali's the new Bachelorette. Ah, who am I kidding? I'll bring the popcorn every Monday night.

gib said...

Well now it has all been ruined for me. Forget the grammar I still haven't watched the most dramatic finale yet and now I know the end. I knew I should have known better than to read your blog before I had my final moments of guilty pleasure (this season atleast)

Chelsea said...

She was pretty obnoxious!!

Laraine Eddington said...

I's just so happy I don't watch the Batchelore.

Amanda said...

I thought it was a pretty lame ending, whatever the most dramatic, lets talk about Jasons ending where he dogged the one he chose and chose the other that was dramatic! But he I still watched it via internet (no cable and all) But it still got me and I will probably watch next time half way in so i can maybe know the names of the girls and remember which one they were! thanks Edna whoever you are!

Helen Macfarlane said...

She probably thought that by saying "I" instead of "me" she was using proper grammar. Too bad she didn't say "Him and Me are gittin' married!"
That would have been REALLY fun to analyze!!

I was hoping Edna would post her darling picture. It's such eye candy!!