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Friday, October 30, 2009

this is so high school

Enjoy my flashback friday flick. It is soo high school for me:

And have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN tomorrow! Full of candy and sloppy joes!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

hint hint, nudge nudge

I have ONE watch. Sad, I know. And while I am completely happy with it, there are times and occasions when it doesn't feel appropriate to wear a thick, tough leather watch.

So, for my second addition to my Christmas wish list, I would like a bit daintier watch.

Here are two of my favorites with links. Just in case.

This is from Sundance and can be found here. I like the above color (dark blue) and the brown.

This retro classic from Casio is timeless (or rather, full of time). Find it for a steal of a deal on Amazon here.

Whichever you pick, I will love.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Yesterday I got my mole removed. The huge one on my ear that has grown and grown and grown over the last 6 or 7 years. My lifelong "beauty mark" that had turned into less of a mark and more of a "mouche" (fly). It has indeed been mistaken for an insect and a very large second piercing.

Alan insisted I get it and other moles checked. And being the submissive type that I am, I went to a dermatologist.

The doctor figured it was probably best to remove the ear mole. It was rather large. So, he shot my ear up with numbing solution and cut that bad boy off. Apparently ears bleed a lot, and mine wouldn't stop bleeding, so he cauterized it. Having that done on my ear where I could hear and smell it was not too pleasant.

When I saw my old friend mole in the jar on its way to be tested, I admit being a little mournful. We had been through so many good times. When all of my sisters and mom got a second piercing on one ear, they got it on their left side. I couldn't because of Mme. Mole. So I got three piercings on my right side. Good times.

But I also admit that seeing this large piece of pinkish-brownish flesh in a jar was pretty disgusting as well. I think it was the first time I could see how definitely ginormous this mole of mine was.

And now I am left with a large indentation on my ear that should heal in the next month or two. And it kinda hurts. Not painful, really, but an annoyingly persistent soreness.

It kind of reminds me of the time I got that piercing in college that became infected. The constant irritation was all I could think about even after I took out the piercing.

Except this time I feel it on my ear.


Edna... back at it

I am so glad to be back with you. Aren't you happy to see me?

Your tears of joy and excitement are so endearing, but please contain yourself. This is business, my dear. And my dear life companion has suggested that I inform those of you in the abyss of unknowing about a terrible misuse of the English language. All in the name of helping and educating.

Perhaps you've heard (or, horrors, used) this phrase: "a whole 'nother thing." Or any derivative similar which employs the use of the word whole next to the lazy excuse for a word 'nother (which is how the slothful say "another"). This disturbing term is worse than a double negative. (So help me if you just asked yourself what "double negative" means.)

You wouldn't believe me, but I have heard professional newscasters say ON AIR: "That's a whole 'nother story." Gasp.

Let's try something. Say out loud: "That is a whole another thing." How did that sound? Atrocious? Exactly.

If we break it down, then

A whole: a thing that is complete in itself.

Another: one more, additional.

The intention is to use
Other: different, separate.

Yes. "A whole other thing" is the intended phrase.

Can you imagine? All of this time our ears (well, yours, surely not mine) have been getting used to such obscenities. Break the cycle.

Education and Enlightenment,

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

School of the Prophets

Johnny and I went to the University of Utah football game on Saturday (vs Air Force). Johnny has really been into baseball and football lately, learning all of the rules and terms, so it was really enjoyable to be with him. We're probably pretty equally yoked when it comes to football knowledge.

I checked the weather before we left and it informed me that with cloudy skies, we would reach 60 degrees at Rice Eccles Stadium. Both of us wearing long-sleeved shirts and jeans, I was surprised at how many in the crowd were wearing gloves, ponchos, winter coats and hats.

And then it started to rain.

Pretty much the whole first quarter it rained.

And Johnny was content eating his cotton candy, being shielded by a free "Go Utes" sign we picked up on our way in (thanks to Papa John sitting next to him).

But, I digress. The game ball is given out every first quarter to a distinguished Utah fan. And guess to whom Saturday's ball was given? None other than President Thomas S. Monson. Never heard of him? Go here.

I admit being nervous for the response from some of the eccentric Mormon haters that the "U" so often harbors and educates. It's par for the course. I'm used to it, I get over it. I just didn't want the Prophet to be jeered.

There was no boo-ing. Only applause. But you better believe when the announcer said that Pres. Monson was a graduate of the University of Utah, the crowd erupted into cheers. The School of the Prophets. And the school down south gave their Homecoming game ball to the Mayor of Provo. So cute.

Back to the game. Johnny was an awesome date, except for his constant need to relieve himself and the fact that the Unisex bathroom line was always long... with single men. I have no words.

End of the 4th quarter we were tied, Johnny had to go again, I waited too long. We left early. Missed overtime. Walked home, picking up fall leaves and drying off.

You're awesome Johnny. Utes won. All is well.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Don't leave me now

It is supposed to snow in these parts tomorrow and Wednesday (SNOW)!

So, I'm traveling back to last week and re-reveling in the autumn. Grab some warm apple cider and come with me.

Can you believe this tree? It's sitting right outside Johnny's classroom window and it is fantastic. The only color of the rainbow missing on this bad boy is blue. For real. Coolest tree of the season so far.

Speaking of bad boys and, well, Johnny:

Looking back on the past couple of weeks of blog posts has me thinking Mag-ma doesn't get enough picture time. Here she is, doing what she does best: taking in the moments on a (scant) bed of golden leaves:

How much longer will we get to play outside without gloves and hats?

Oh, Autumn, why must you be so short and fleeting? Stay a while longer. For me?


Friday, October 23, 2009

oh my

Last Friday night Maggie was lucky enough to spend the night with her cousins at Gammie's, so we had just the boys!

(Why does one less child seem SOO much easier?)

Wheeler Farm was advertising "Freaky Fridays" and since it was Friday--and we like it Freaky-- we decided to check it out.

Little did we know that there would be pumpkin patches, corn/hay maze, and hayrides too!

I would have been very disgruntled had I been on a date and spent the money on what they called a "maze", but the boys loved it. Easy.

And the "Freaky Friday" was a crazy music/dance show put on by precocious teenage zombies. Johnny would not make eye contact with any of the performers and Ashton did cry at first, but after the 30-minute musical extravaganza they couldn't stop talking about it. It was their favorite part of the weekend!
I sure love Fall!


bach goes optical

I always tried to learn to play the piano, but the whole two-hands-doing-different-things-at-the-same-time thing was a bit hard for me. Even though my sisters were all pros at it. And my aunt is a major organist. And the organist at my church (ward) totally plays for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, as in he plays that big ol' organ in front of millions of people.

Shouldn't some of their genius rub off on me?

I'm thinking this video will, it is baffling to me. In a cooler than cool way.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

i've got a terrible secret

I have this funny-obsessive, semi-neurotic side about my home that I have managed to hide from many friends and family members. It's not for everything in my home.

Rest assured, it is NOT for everything.

If you came to my house, you would take one quick look around, notice the dust bunnies, the pictures resting against the wall waiting to be hung, the light sabers scattering the stairs, the three bowls, two spoons, and random cheerios in the sink, and think that I am anything but obsessive about my home.

And you'd be totally right.


I don't like when certain items are "out of place." I don't like when the spoons are all piled into their resting drawer and not uniformly placed. There should be equal amounts of spoons facing both directions. Same goes for the forks. I really don't care what the knives do.

The colored bowls should be in two piles, same colors never touching perpendicularly nor horizontally. I'm not lying. (see above photo)

And for the plates and bowls where there are only two colors, they must be either staggered every-other or all colors split in half.

Of course, my neurosis stays confined within the cupboards and drawers, which are meticulously ordered and placed. So, my casual, easy-going nature (read: messy) can be viewed by all, while my dirty (clean) secret stays behind closed "doors".

I know exactly which parent handed down this gene, too. I won't say which, but I am sure she still thinks I am her messiest child.

Oh shoot. Sorry.

And you? Any issues you'd like to share?


You know it's time

Ladies and Gentlemen:

You know it's time to stop eating and serving Chicken Ramen Noodles

when the smell of your child urinating in the shower reminds you to buy more.

(my apologies to Nissin Foods)


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

parks and wreck

I try to be a good mother. We go to the parks, especially now that we are close to so many. I let my children run far, climb all over, push them on the swings, hang from the bars. I play with them, but I also want them to learn to play alone.

Except, I now know not to let them roll down the hills that have concrete sidewalks running its length.

can you not see the huge knot on his head?
Johnny assures me it was there.

And to not let 3 year-old boys run down a concrete sidewalk when it is on the opposite side of the park from which I am sitting. Especially when my pregnant self has to waddle across the entire park as the other mothers look around to see if this poor crying child belongs to anyone.

And to bring an extra set of pants and underwear for said 3 year-old boy. Otherwise the "fun" ends too early.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

pepper pepper pepper POP

Monday, October 19, 2009

Edna the Editor Here

I'm in a crummy mood. I decided not to eat any sugar until Saturday starting this morning and so far today I have eaten one bowl of Frosted Flakes, three cookies, and two snack-size Twix bars. I think I made myself sick from it all. And cranky. And really tired.

What better time than to start a new post dedicated to informing and instructing all who shall read these pages on the grotesque usages of the English language and punctuation?

Let it be known, I annoy my family and close friends to no end due to my occasional corrections and grammatical "suggestions". I'm just trying to help, really. The former (and occasional freelance) editor in me cannot help but try to share the wealth. I am such a giver.

And, truth be told, I hold it in more than not. More truth be told, I make mistakes myself and aforementioned family and friends LOVE to rub it in my face. But I'm a good sport.

So, I introduce to you my editing alter-ego, EDNA! I always imagine myself in black spectacles, hair in tight bun, and a slender pencil skirt when I correct and edit. And that version of myself looks like an Edna.

not Edna, but wearing Edna's glasses
(and Alan LOVES this costume from last year, especially the flattering angle and multiple chins)

Edna's Lesson # 1: Ellipsis

Ellipsis, otherwise known as "dot dot dot", are used when one desires to omit superfluous words from writing.

For example: I thought and thought about sharing my thoughts. . . and then I thought some more.

Most people LOVE to use ellipsis in speaking and writing. It creates suspense, humor, expectation, etc. It is a lovely tool, I admit. But, oh boy, is it ever misused. No matter how much suspense and excitement you want to convey, there is NO need to use more than THREE DOTS. In fact, not only is there no need, it's totally lame and incorrect. (Unless of course, you finish a sentence with an ellipsis and then you need a space plus a period, which would look like 4 dots.)

I saw a LARGE billboard on the freeway the other day with more than a dozen dots used where I am sure they intended to place ellipsis. It was sad. I almost cried. I had to convince Anna to let me, Edna, do my job and share this info with all who want to be correct.

Stop the madness... please!

Don't hate.

Knowledge is power, right?

Love and literacy,

Thanks, Edna. What more can I say?


Friday, October 16, 2009

that was really funky

I like to think the best of people... mostly.

Biz Markie was a semi-obscure/semi-popular figure of my elementary days. You know,

"Oh baby you, got what I need.
But you say he's just a friend, and you say he's just a friend."

And then I forgot about him.

And then he popped up on Yo Gabba Gabba and I remembered. Like waking from a long coma.

And my kids love him. a lot.

And I do, too.

His Halloween "Beat of the Day" makes me chuckle, but it also makes me worried. I want to believe he is just fun and eccentric. Just having a good, goofy time. I'm sure it's how I would act after many delirious attempts at recording.

Except... his delirium and silliness seems aided from sources external from a giddy mind. Know what I'm saying?

I really WANT to believe Biz Markie is as clean and pure as can be, but...! Well.

What do you think?


looking ahead

Although Halloween is still a couple of weeks away (are you ready?), I am already beginning to think about Thanksgiving. Maybe because by then I will almost be having a baby. Maybe because I am trying to get all of my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving.

For whatever reason, Thanksgiving has been on my mind quite often this week.

And when I saw this from Martha, I now know what I'll be serving for dessert that Thursday evening.

It's like two Thanksgiving dishes in ONE! I'm all about the simplifying.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

you're welcome

I almost feel bad about posting this.

Not THAT bad, but you know.
I know how it is when someone puts a thought about a product/item into my head that I then MUST go out and buy/consume/obtain.

This is one of those things.
It is so darn tasty, I must share.
But I do so with a warning of addiction and also a tender plea that you not feel pressured here. (Except you SHOULD.)

If you like mint and you like chocolate, well my friends:

But there is a very important catch.
These are OK as is.
Put them in the freezer and HOLY MOLEY!
(not referencing my previous post, it's just a better phrase than my initial thought of writing "holy crap" which I am sure would elicit a call from my mother)

So, FREEZE these bad boys, enjoy them, and thank me/curse me in the morning.


You know it's time

Ladies and Gentlemen:

You know it is time to visit the dermatologist

when someone mistakes the mole (beauty mark) on your ear for an insect.

(not me nor my ear, but found here)


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I didn't even know

You hear the stories every once in a while. And every time it is shocking and, frankly, unbelievable.

I didn't even know I was pregnant.

I just thought I had a stomach flu and gained a few pounds.

It was such a shock when I pushed out a baby into the toilet.

What? No, really, what?! Every day I am bombarded with kicks and flutters coming from my womb. Sometimes the kicks make me stop dead in my tracks. Big, fierce, straight-to-the-pelvis kicks.

So, maybe you didn't "get it" when you were dry-heaving (and wet-heaving) for 2 1/2 months. Perhaps you didn't realize that the lbs you were packing on were due to a child in utero, instead of emotional eating. And maybe, just maybe, your sudden spread of acne, tender breasts, growing feet, chunkening of the face (and nose), and sore muscles were all part of a really weird growth spurt.

But, tell me, please. Tell me how you explain away the fluttering and kicking. It is so other-worldly. I've never experienced anything like it. It's not like gas. It is definitely not like stomach cramps. It is like an alien is flipping around your abdomen (hello). So, explain that to me.

And then tell me the justice of it all. 9 (+) months of knowing you are pregnant is uber-long. Ignorance does indeed seem like bliss (and unbelievable bizarre).


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Christmas Wish List #1

For those of you that are interested, I am starting my Christmas Wish List.

Just so you know.

Here is my first entry, of which I am sure my home will not be complete without.

Order it (for me) HERE!


Monday, October 12, 2009


What a lovely weekend.

Alan and I took off as soon as we could Friday morning and hit a few places we had ALWAYS wanted, starting off with tasting a Kouing-Aman at Les Madeleines. Delicious! (picture from website)

Then we drove out to the Salt Aire and "hiked" around the Salt Lake, onto the other-worldly salty shores.

I've always wanted to check out Euro-Treasures Antique store, but since I usually have little munchkins running around me, it never seemed like a good time. I was right to wait. This place was out of control, overflowing with antique objects. It kept making me laugh. So, THIS is where all of the fireplace mantels, church pews, stained glass windows, doors of yesteryear went. I knew that all of the antique and second-hand stores I have visited could not represent all of the house remodel-and-guts, updates, and even tear-downs (cough, cough) of the historic homes all over Utah. I feel like a big discovery was made. And if I ever remodel an old home, or want an old something-something, I know where to go. without my kids.

For a late lunch, we hit Moochies, a house-turned-restaurant where they serve gluttonous portions of Philly Cheesesteaks, Meatball Sandwiches, ginormous Hot Dogs, and more. Naturally, we got one of each. And Alan was in heaven. So much so, that I got to choose where and what to eat for the rest of the weekend. Mention the name Moochies, and Alan's eyes roll ever-so-slightly back into his head, which slightly tilts, and his mouth begins to drool shamelessly.

We headed up to Midway to enjoy the mountains (and hit some outlet shopping, natch), ate some more, slept as long as we wanted, ate a late breakfast at the Spicy Lady Saloon, and coasted home with full stomachs and happy hearts.
It was lovely.


Friday, October 9, 2009

weekend--woot woot

Alan and I are lucky enough to be taking off this morning for an overnight escape. My brother and his wife will be watching nos enfants and we couldn't be more grateful.

Last night I saw Bright Star with another SIL, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was the quietest and most thoughtful movie experience I have had in a very long time. I'm still thinking about it.

And the new header picture is of a large pork loin I made in the crock pot 2 weeks ago and we still have tons left. I'm not a big meat eater in general, but every time I look at that picture, I remember why. And I equate eating gobs of meat with blogging gobs of time, or something. You're welcome.

So, we're off. Hope your weekend is enjoyable.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Taking donations

You know how I was just recently complaining about finding unique Halloween decorations? Well, lucky me, I stumbled on some winners. No really. These are frighteningly fantastic.

Some website called is my new favorite. Where have they been? Where have I been? Even Martha (as in Stewart, natch) has designed some superstars for them.

I want two of these; mummys tend to get lonely:
And I'll take one skeleton, but cannot decide if I want him in black or green:

Cocoon man and spider larva balls? Are you kidding me with these creepy temptations?

And a grim reaper for my husband. I'm sure he could make this, but why?

Owing to the small fact that I am currently not loaded with cash, have yet to find my pile of money, and am unpublished/undiscovered/un-funded, I am accepting any and all donations to my Halloween decorations fund. I scarcely believe I can afford one of these bad boys this year, but I'm willing to try.

Just leave a comment with your pledge. That'd be great... thanks!


You know it's time

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You know it is time to take that shower

when your 3 yo comes to cuddle and promptly tells you that you stink.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halloween decor in the yard

I've started the yard decorations, they will continue throughout the week.

This is just a little something to go in the front yard:

ok, so maybe it's not mine. And it would be a pain in the behind to move as much as we do, but I would love it.

Alan loves the Spirit stores. You know those stores that pop up in empty store spaces for the month of October and have crazy-expensive costumes and props. He's already been a few times this year, with and without the kids.

Their props are a little too over-the-top, wanna-be-creepy-so-go-for-the-gore, seen-it-all-before for me. Even their large posable spiders (which I like for my porch) are twice as much as the grocery store (although one huge one--3 feet in diameter--would be really cool perched by the spider web. You know, where all the little 10-inch spiders are heading to worship and partake of the sacrificial web offering).

I want my outdoor decor to be a little creepy, but welcoming. Two-year-olds might be a little skittish to come get candy at my door, but they'll feel brave and be rewarded for doing so. And I want it to be unique. Not like all the lame animatronics you can get at the Spirit store, or Target, or Wal-Mart. You'll see one on every street Halloween night.

Have you seen anything wickedly awesome and unique? Do you know where I can get a life-size mummy like the ones Martha Stewart used to sell? Have you made something so creepy and awesome that you need to share with me?


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monster Mash

It wouldn't be Halloween time without one of these bad boys:

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

my feet

It's too cold for these.

My feet are now too big for almost all of my cooler-weather shoes.

Would it be entirely lame to wear flip-flops with toe socks?


Monday, October 5, 2009

Costume time is a-coming

I saw this Where the Wild Things Are adorableness this morning (via A Cup of Jo) and it sent a small wave of panic through my body. I know it is only October 5th, but I have challenged each of my three children to be whatever they want to be for Halloween and good ol' Mommy will make it happen.

So, naturally, I now have to make a Super Mario, a vampire (Dracula, if you please), and a Rose Princess. Other than the odd logistics of a Mario costume, I am not overwhelmed by their decisions. Nevertheless, the sooner I get them pieced together, the sooner I can start making horrible, sugar-swamped goodies to gift and consume.

I am currently on the prowl for white gloves. All of the costumes merit white gloves. I think Dracula could do without, but no proper Romanian Count would go out in the evening without his white gloves. So neither shall we. Does anybody know where I can get children-sized white gloves (like the ones marching band members wear)?


Saturday, October 3, 2009

never felt so honored

No, never in my life have I felt so honored.

Larainy Days, and her alter literary ego "Rhoda" wrote a poem about me in my current knocked-up stage.

Check it out HERE!


Friday, October 2, 2009

looking forward


has made me excited for all weekend of THIS!

Notice at the beginning of this awesome message it doesn't say "Thomas S. Monson, President" or "nice man" but it says "Prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ".

It's true. Isn't that awesome?


11 years ago today Big Al and I went on our first date.

It was the best worst date I ever went on. It still wins for most horrible date that somehow became the most fun. I had to break a birthday "date" with my sister AMY, and you know Alan had better have been someone important.

He was, obviously.

Alan, thanks for FINALLY asking me out 11 years ago and taking me to your mission reunion, mispronouncing my name, getting us to a movie where we had to wait 2 hours, and being my future!



Thursday, October 1, 2009

October FIRST

So, I woke up this morning to frost on my bathroom window, snow-capped mountains out my front windows, and a house temperature of 62* F. Brrr.

Today is the first day of Fall Break for the kids. I think we'll make a trip to the DI to scour for Halloween costume pieces, take a drive up the canyon to see the fall colors, and have a little lunch. Yes, I think that'll do. Otherwise they will continue jumping on MY new couch downstairs: the one I have repeatedly asked them NOT TO JUMP ON!!

Today is also my most edible nephew Ty's first birthday. Is he not the most scrumptious?

Happy Birthday, handsome little man!

And this song is my week's fantastic pick. Oh goodness, Rachael Yamagata (with Ray LaMontagne), you really hit the spot on this one! It is called "Duet" and you are welcome!