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Monday, November 9, 2009

christmas shopping

I'm not done with Christmas shopping... yet. I've already purchased all of the in-law, parent, sibling gifts. Finished those a couple of weeks ago. This weekend Al and I will finish up all of the kid's Christmas shopping and I will, hopefully, be done.

Don't hate on me, though. In my defense, I will be having a baby anytime in the next month plus. Since the DR says I am measuring quite large, it could mean next week. Knowing my history, it could be mid - late December. And with a newborn... you just never know how it's all gonna go down, if you know what I'm sayin'. Will he be healthy? Will he be able to come home soon after birth? Will he cry all night? Will he pee through every diaper I put on him?

Que sera, sera. Right, Doris?

But I knew I should be very prepared this year. Even if I am a tad less thoughtful than I would like. And then...

and then.

I see new ideas of wonderful gifts to give. Who could I give this to? Who would like this for Christmas? Oh, it's killing me, frankly. My preparedness is coming to bite me in the behind. This/that gift would be so much more fitting for so-and-so.

If you are still looking, here are some doozies to give. I wish I would've found them earlier.

Necklace found HERE and only $20:

Quirky, cool and unique HERE for $16:

Who needs Bose when this is only $9.99 and HERE?

And while this is more of a dream (especially at $1900) I do love it so. HERE:This might be so last year, but I love 'em (at $8):

And for $24, THIS would be perfect to hold...

one of THESE!

Oh, go have fun shopping, you crazy cats!


2 wise comments:

Anne said...

Stop it Anna. I want that speaker now for my kitchen. And that jewelry rack in red. And of course one of Angela's necklaces would be great.

Email my husband directly next time, okay?

Love your post below, especially the picture. It's beautiful.

Laraine Eddington said...

You are the devil Anna.