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Thursday, December 4, 2008

SL temple lights

Last Saturday night, our family went to the Salt Lake City temple to see the lights and get into some Christmas cheer... along with half of the SL valley! It was crazy busy, insanely crowded, and beautifully peaceful.

We had a chance to see the group "AccaBELLa" perform and the first song jump-started my Christmas spirit! (After that it got a bit cheesy, but entertaining. Imagine six "older" ladies singing "Santa Baby" with feather boas, walking into the crowd and "flirting" with teenage boys, while the pubescent BOYS tried to ignore the 40-yr-old WOMEN who were attempting to sit on their laps!! That was priceless and oh-so-awkward!)

that's me, not one of the 40-yr-old singing ladies
(although I am sure you might have been confused from this photo)

Good times! Cold nights! Bring on Christmas!

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Angela Henrie said...
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melanie said...

Who lights are better, Mesa Temple or Salt Lake Temple. That is a pretty dumb ? They are probley both wonderful in their own way.